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Katie's Color Corner

SW 6128 Blonde: This is a great color to use in a variety of spaces. It looks great throughout a Great Room, or used as an accent in a space with a off white. Blonde has a gold tone that warms up a room without looking to yellow or dark.

SW 7545 Pier: This deep green is an excellent color to highlight a certain wall or add a bold look to a room. This color looks great with gold, or burnt orange accent pieces.

SW 7621 Silvermist: This is my newest favorite color. I have a hard time finding "blues" that look good in any room except a nursery, and this one finally does. It tends to have a New England feel when put on the walls. It looks great with dark slate in a bath, or with white trim in a bedroom.

SW 6108 Latte: Latte is an everlasting favorite color. This is a great color for an area that you would like to remain fairly neutral without having off-white walls. This has a very warm feel that works great in any area of your home. Using Latte on your walls allows for the accent pieces (drapes, furniture etc.) to become the focal point.